The Clark Bartram Bundle

The Clark Bartram Bundle

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With age comes wisdom, but with wisdom should also come the clarity of choices. My partnership with High Performance Nutrition (HPN) stems from that very clarity. Known as "America's most trusted fitness professional", I've always understood the profound significance of what goes into our bodies, especially as the years roll on.

HPN's commitment to clean, effective, and premium quality supplements echoes my philosophy: It's not about defying age, but embracing it with strength, grace, and vitality. Dive into my collection and discover the HPN formulations that power my days and fuel my relentless pursuit of fitness.

This bundle Includes:

• PA(7) "The Muscle Booster".
• T(5) "Natural Testosterone Booster".
• NAD(3) "The Fountain of Youth".
• HPN Premium Sport Shaker.
• (3) Single Serving Samples of Ambrosia Collective's Planta Plant-based Protein.


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PA(7) - Muscle's Best Friend:
Muscle isn't just about aesthetics; it's about function, strength, and a robust foundation for health. PA(7), formulated with the potent Phosphatidic acid, amplifies every effort I put into my workouts. It's like having a secret weapon that constantly reminds me: Age is just a number, especially when you've got the right support.

T(5) - Natural Testosterone Booster:
Being in my 60s, I've experienced firsthand the shifts in energy, mood, and strength that changing testosterone levels can bring. Enter T(5), an all-natural testosterone booster crafted with precision. With 600mg of Testofen, 100mg of LJ100, 50mg of AstraGin, and 5mg of Bioperine black pepper extract, this isn't just a supplement; it's a tailored solution. For all the men out there who understand the importance of balanced testosterone levels, especially as we age, T(5) is the answer.

NAD(3) - The NAD+ Powerhouse:
In my journey, it's never been about chasing the thrill of stimulants. It's about harnessing genuine, sustainable energy. That's where NAD(3) shines for me. A powerful, clinically proven NAD+ booster, this supplement does more than just energize. Feeling rejuvenated, it has been a game-changer in ensuring I remain sharp and invigorated. And with the bonus of clinically proven results in lowering LDL and triglyceride cholesterol in just 12 weeks, it's clear NAD(3) is both about vitality and heart health.