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PA(7) Mediator Intro Pack
High Performance Nutrition

PA(7) Mediator Intro Pack

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2 Bottles (10 workouts) of Phosphatidic Acid with L-Leucine + AstraGin™
A High Performance Nutrition Formulation, PA(7) Mediator 

PA(7) is one of the most sought after muscle enhancers in the world because it has been shown in multiple human clinical studies to increase muscle growth without steroids, drugs, hormones, or side-effects. PA(7) is formulated from phosphatidic acid, a groundbreaking plant nutrient recently uncovered inside the intricate structures of plant biology. Phosphatidic acid activates the mTOR pathway, which then boosts muscle protein synthesis. If you want to see results faster without risking steroids or hormones then make sure you get PA(7).



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