Power Dad Stack
Power Dad Stack
Power Dad Stack

Power Dad Stack

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The #1 recommend combo for all of our dads around the šŸŒŽ - Boost your NAD+ levels to slow down aging, and Elevate your Test levels to maximize your muscle, mood, libido, recovery and overall sense of well-being!


ā€¢ 1 T5 (One Month Supply)

ā€¢ 1 NAD3Ā (One Month Supply)

T(5) Testosterone OptimizationĀ 

T(5) is the only testosteroneĀ approved for use by USA Olympians and pro athletes. T(5) is formulated with clinical dose of 5 completely safe and proven found-in-nature ingredients. T(5) has amazing science and research to support its usage in our cutting edge formula designed to do one thing: maximize your natural testosterone levels to support your ability to be the best version of yourself without any side-effects whatsoever.


NAD3Ā® 60 ā€¢ An All Natural NAD+ Boosterā„¢

There is no arguing that boosting NAD+ levels brings an array of health benefits like better focus and memory, better sleep, more energy, and a fasterĀ metabolism. But every other NAD+ booster out there is missing to address one major issue -Ā inflammation. Muscle and body pain is a serious problem with aging individuals. We asked, "what good is it to have more energy to do things if you're going to feel it the next day?!" Working closely with thousands of patients we found out mobility is a huge concern. NAD3 addresses and corrects this problem, naturally. NAD3 suppresses the NLRP3 gene, a protein known to cause inflammation. By suppressing it, NAD3 helps prevent and protect your body from this issue. If you've had another NAD+ booster in the past, this is definitely the next step.Ā