Introducing New PA(7) Ultra Absorption Tablets

When it comes to naturally building muscle and achieving a peak physique many supplements on the market promise results, few are able to actually achieve them. PA(7) has consistently been raising the bar for natural supplementation for years. With massive increases in strength, rep range, recovery, and pump – PA(7) has been clinically proven to produce 50% more muscle compared to other supplements.

PA(7) isn’t a magic pill, however, with proper diet and exercise it can significantly increase growth and strength. The immense benefits of PA(7) have caused word to spread quickly throughout the health and fitness community. As a result, HPN has experienced shortages in supply online and throughout stores across the globe.

The good news is we’ve developed a solution to help maximize the supply of PA(7). We’re currently transitioning from capsule supplements to brand new ultra absorption tablets. We’ll now be able to produce PA(7) at higher quality levels in maximal clinical dosages. 

What is PA(7)?

Many people are already aware of PA(7) and its vast benefits amongst the fitness community. If you happen to have forgotten, here’s a quick refresher. PA(7) is one of the most sought after muscle enhancers as proven by multiple human clinical studies. Without the use of steroids, drugs, or hormones – PA(7) has been formulated from phosphatidic acid, a groundbreaking plant nutrient that activates the mTOR pathway, helping to boost muscle protein synthesis. 

Individuals taking PA(7) have been shown to:

  • Build 50% more muscle (1) 
  • Lose 39% more fat (2)
  • Gain 64% more strength on the bench press (3)

If you’ve been looking for improvements in strength and performance, PA(7) has you covered. It helps increase lean muscle mass, enhance power, and achieve greater body recompositioning in conjunction with a healthy diet. As the only consistent and reliable source of PA to promote muscular development – PA(7) is an essential fitness supplement that helps you achieve top-notch physical results.

Why the Switch to Ultra Absorption Tablets?

The popularity of PA(7) has led to consistent shortages in supply and thousands of people rely upon PA(7) as part of their supplement regimen. HPN has decided to make an investment into increasing the sustainable production of PA(7). 

We create PA(7) from a Patented form of phosphatidic acid, called Mediator. In order to successfully make the transition from capsules to ultra absorption tablets, we had to design a new process and machine tooling from the ground up. Although we considered this to be an extremely large investment, we know consumers of PA(7) will be happy to know it’s in stock and on shelves more readily!

The technology used to create PA(7) will allow us to remain ahead of the curve and at the top of the industry. The transition will not only increase supply, it will also allow us to produce the product at the highest quality possible. The new tablet format will reduce the clinical dosage from 5 capsules down to 4 tablets – meaning every single tablet will provide you with more power and effectiveness!

The Benefits of Tablets

Tablets are the most widely used dosage form in the pharmaceutical industry. Compression of tablets results in high speed manufacturing with a very high level of quality control (4). 3D printing technology has further enhanced the manufacturing of tablets across the industry. 

Compared to conventional capsule technology, tablets have many advantages including:

  • Longer shelf life: tablets tend to be more stable and last longer than capsules.
  • Higher dosages: tablets can be created with higher dosages compared to capsules. People can achieve the same benefits while taking fewer tablets.
  • Easy to split: tablets can be cut into halves or smaller, allowing for greater control of dosing. Capsules typically cannot be divided into smaller dosages.
  • Different deliveries: tablets can be available with delayed releases, extended releases, or immediate releases.

  • Our new PA(7) tablets may look different on the surface, but the results will remain the same! The best part is we can guarantee your gains to keep on coming without compromise.  As we transition further into PA(7) tablet development – you can rest assured PA(7) will be in stock more readily than ever before!

    If you’ve been searching for an all-natural supplement to improve your muscle building without resorting to steroids or hormones – PA(7) is the number one tool to help you get there. If your diet and workout routine is already top notch, but you still want to get an advantage – PA(7) can help.

    Be on the lookout for our new and improved PA(7) tablet formula! Stop settling for subpar results and start on the path towards the body of your dreams! Summer is right around the corner, what are you waiting for?

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