How to Maximize Muscle Growth and Performance using PA(7)

The thought that initially comes to mind for most people the moment they step inside a gym…what is the most optimal way to get in shape and build muscle? For decades, individuals have tirelessly tried various workout methods, diets, rest periods and periodization techniques designed to give them an edge in building and sculpting the body of their dreams.

As is the case with most endeavors – we as people carefully learn, adapt and refine techniques to help us continually improve and build upon past methods. Bodybuilding and fitness is no exception to the rule. Since “Pumping Iron” began peaking bodybuilding enthusiasm in the 1970s, people have continually implemented new ways of optimizing muscular hypertrophy and performance.

Over the years, people have experienced improvements in diet, workout programs, nutrition and supplementation. The result is people looking better, being less prone to injury and being healthier overall. 

In this piece we’ll dive into how you can maximize muscle growth and how PA(7) can take your training and performance to the next level.

How Does Muscle Growth Occur?

Go to the gym. Workout hard. Do cardio. Eat healthy. Repeat. That’s typically the schedule and routine many people follow when it comes to leading an active and healthy lifestyle. But how does muscle growth and hypertrophy actually happen?

When a person undergoes a form of resistance training – they are forcing their body to undergo a form of active stress that naturally changes the body. Once a workout is completed, the body begins to repair and replace damaged muscle fibers at the cellular level. Muscle fibers are broken down before eventually forming new muscle protein strands leading to thickness and improved muscle hypertrophy. The body adapts causing muscle growth to occur through muscle protein breakdown. However, this occurs at rest not when the workout itself is being performed.

So what is the best way to maximize muscle growth and hypertrophy?

How to Maximize Muscle Growth

There are several factors that affect the rate and frequency muscle growth occurs. The three largest factors are diet, progressive overload and rest. Ensuring that each of these variables is in order can help individuals maximize their genetic limit when it comes to building muscle. 

Progressive overload training is crucial for improving performance in the gym. It means that overtime, volume is increased throughout your strength training routine through a number of variables including:

  • Increasing weight lifted
  • Increasing frequency (training more often)
  • Increasing repetitions

Adjusting each of these variables in strength training can help individuals avoid plateaus – leading to increases in strength and muscular hypertrophy as a byproduct. However, many people consider diet to be even more important when it comes to maximizing results.

No workout will ever be able to outperform a poor diet. Tracking calories and protein intake is critical to helping individuals build muscle. Consuming whole foods with natural protein sources such as steak, chicken, salmon, beef and more is critical for optimizing muscle growth, strength and overall performance. Carbohydrate sources should come from foods such as sweet potatoes, rice, oatmeal and more. 

Even though resistance training and diet helps form the basic fundamental foundation of muscle building, many people want to take their results to another level. That’s where PA(7) can help.

Maximize Results Naturally with PA(7)

When it comes to maximizing muscular growth and development – there’s a limited number of options people can naturally take to increase hypertrophy. PA(7) was designed as one of the most sought after muscle enhancers in the world for increasing muscle growth without using steroids, drugs or hormones. PA(7) was formulated with phosphatidic acid, a groundbreaking plant nutrient that boosts muscle protein synthesis by activating the mTOR pathway.

Phosphatidic acid has been clinically proven in numerous studies to improve strength and lean tissue development. In one clinical study, sixteen resistance trained men were assigned to take either PA(7) or a placebo. Each session had subjects test one max repetition on bench press and squats. In addition, body composition was measured by reviewing the subject's muscle thickness in the dominant leg (1). Subjects consuming PA(7) experienced increases in strength (12.7%) and lean body mass (2.6%) over an eight week period.

Another study used phosphatidic acid to measure increases in hypertrophy and strength. Twenty-eight resistance trained males had body composition, strength and anaerobic power tested over an eight week period (2). Phosphatidic acid was shown to improve skeletal muscle hypertrophy, lean body mass and maximal strength.

One final study measured participant’s body composition, muscle size and lower-body strength before and after training/supplementation amongst twenty-eight individuals. Results showed significant increases in muscle mass and overall lower-body strength (3). 

Each of the clinical trials performed using phosphatidic acid (PA(7)) showed significant results in terms of improving overall muscle growth and increasing strength.

Take Your Performance to the Next Level

PA(7) has been clinically proven in multiple studies to increase muscle growth without the use of steroids, drugs or hormones. Formulated with phosphatidic acid which helps activate the mTOR pathway – it boosts muscle protein synthesis thereby increasing muscle growth and performance as a result.

If you’ve been dieting consistently, tracking your performance in the gym and still want to take your muscle development to the next level (without the use of performance enhancing drugs), try PA(7) today. Gain 50% more muscle, lose 39% more fat and increase your bench press by 64% with the help of PA(7). 

What are you waiting for? Let PA(7) improve your strength, performance and muscle development today.