Sirtuin Booster™
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Sirtuin Booster™

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30 Day Supply of Sirtuin Booster™ Pure Trans-Resveratrol
A High Performance Nutrition Formulation, Sirtuin Booster™ 

Sirtuin blocks the aging process by attacking its root cause. We now know that the aging process is the unwinding of the double helix structures of our DNA and the shortening of our telomeres as our cells divide. The unwinding of the double helix exposes us to free radicals as well as the toxins and pollutants of our environment: things like our food, water, and the air we breath. Activating sirtuins with Sirtuin slows the cellular aging process using a function known as deacetylation, which “cleans up” all the toxins, pollutants, and free radicals that accumulate on our DNA while also repairing and restructuring the double helix.