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N(r) is THE ONLY PROVEN Natural Supplement for Boosting NAD+ Levels! It is the must have supplement for reversing aging, boosting metabolism, improving mental acuity, and increasing muscle endurance.

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N(r) for Life: THE ONLY PROVEN Natural Supplement for Boosting NAD Levels! The must have supplement for reversing aging!  If you are interested in any of the following catagories, N(r) is a must have in your supplementation regimine.

N(r) for NeuroProtection

Neuro Protection

N(r) for Metabolism


N(r) for Endurance

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N(r) for NeuroProtection

NeuroProtection N(r) is a one of a kind industry break-through that has the potential to change the world of contact sports. With concussions and brain trauma being perhaps the single biggest issue in the world of football and other contact sports, N(r) is the first product to offer a viable supporting measure for many athletes who are inevitably facing neural damage and brain trauma! In a very basic sense, when the body is treated with N(r) and trauma occurs, the cell amplifies its production of an enzyme called “NAD+” which strengthens and protects the cell against the lasting damage that typically occurs. This has been proven in REAL university research. The potential is simply astounding. N(r) can be taken by ANY athlete participating in ANY competitive contact sport at ANY level! N(r) is suitable for use by athletes of the following levels: -Youth -High-School -College -Olympic -Professional Our BSCG testing conducted on every lot of N(r) guarantees the N(r) is 100% pure and contains NO BANNED SUBSTANCES N(r) has applications in the following sports (and more): -Football -Soccer -Hockey -Rugby -Boxing -MMA -Lacrosse -Motor Sports -Extreme Sports (skateboarding, bmx, and etc) With so much information available on the neural damage caused by trauma, and N(r)’s proven ability to help; the only question is can you or your athletes afford to NOT take it? -For Team pricing please email Support@HPNFormula1.com-

N(r) for Metabolism


N(r) for Endurance


N(r) for Anti-Aging/Longevity


Supplement Facts Press Release Citations

Canto; The NAD+ precursor nicotinamide riboside enhances oxidative metabolism and protects against high-fat diet-induced obesity; Cell Metabolism (2012) 15:838-847.

Sasaki Y, Araki T, Milbrandt J; Stimulation of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide biosynthetic pathways delays axonal degeneration after axotomy; The Journal of Neuroscience (2006) 33:8484-8491

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  1. Patrick Cook
    5 out of 5


    We have been having our son take to protect him in his sports activities. He likes to play 3 sports where the certainly the danger of a head injury, North American football, baseball and he also likes to do mixed martial arts. He feels the MMA helps him with the rest of his sports and vice versa. Hopefully he never has a traumatic head injury but we feel better know he is taking a proven supplement. If I was still in my playing days I would be taking it…even so I am now aware of the anti-aging effects that N(r) could help with. I am going to research more on the NAD level production of nicotinamide riboside. This could really be called a miracle molecule. Great job HPN keep up the good work.

  2. JTHN520
    5 out of 5


    I have taking this N(r) for almost a month now, and i seen amazing change, i had last longer throughout my workout, and keep it more intensity, this product definitely got to try it out, it great, you will have all the energy you need throughout your day, Thank you HPN for this amazing product.

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