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***As presented at the 2013 NATA Convention in Las Vegas on June 25-27th***

N(r) for Life – the must have supplement for every goal

N(r) For Neuroprotection

N(r) ( nicotinamide riboside) is a one of a kind industry break-through that is changing the world of contact sports.

Concussions and brain trauma are perhaps the single biggest issue in the world of football and other contact sports. N(r) is the first product to offer a viable supporting measure for many athletes who are inevitably facing neural damage and brain trauma! In a very basic sense, when the body is supplemented with N(r) and trauma occurs, the cell amplifies its production of an enzyme called “NAD+” which strengthens and protects the cell against the lasting damage that typically occurs. This has been proven in REAL university research. The potential is simply astounding.


With so much information available on the neural damage caused by trauma, and N(r)’s proven ability to help; the only question is can you or your athletes afford to NOT take it?

N(r) For Metabolism

N(r) supplementation causes an increase in mitochondrial biogenesis, mitochondrial size, and cristae density. The mitochondria is the power house of our cells, so this means we can naturally burn more calories than ever!


N(r) For Endurance

Energy Production is one of the biggest limiting factors of performance in any activity. With increased ATP production, N(r) sets the stage for huge gains in muscle endurance


N(r) for Anti-Aging/Longevity

N(R) can reduce free radical by-product by increasing mitochondrial efficiency. Less free radical by-product spewing off of the mitochondria over a long term basis is a key component of anti-aging. Furthermore, N(r)’s ability to maximize NAD+ levels let’s it unlock sirtuin activity, which is known to slow down cellular aging. This makes N(r) a “MUST HAVE” in any anti-aging regimen.


N(r) is perhaps the most important supplement you can ever take, now and forever!

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“Big stuff is happening! More reps, more weight, and I’m getting leaner and harder daily! Everyone better look out!!! – IFPA Natural Pro Bodybuilder Damon Gillis”

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N(r) is suitable for use by athletes of the following levels:

  • Youth
  • High-School
  • College
  • Olympic
  • Professional

Our BSCG testing conducted on every lot of N(r) guarantees the N(r) is 100% pure and contains NO BANNED SUBSTANCES

N(r) has applications in the following sports (and more):

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Lacrosse
  • Motor Sports
  • Extreme Sports (skateboarding, bmx, and etc)

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