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N(r) Niagen is THE ONLY PROVEN Natural Supplement for Boosting NAD+ Levels! It is the must have supplement for reversing aging, boosting metabolism, improving mental focus and memory, and increasing muscle endurance. N(r) is a breakthrough supplement that is designed for on-going daily use. Read about its benefits and how it works to make a huge impact in our bodies. Buy 3 or 6 bottles packages of Niagen to SAVE BIG.

  • Get 3 Bottles for $129.99 – SAVE $14
  • Get 6 Bottles for $249.99 – SAVE $38

N(R) – NIAGEN – Natural Capsules

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Buy 3 or 6 bottles packages of Niagen to SAVE BIG.

  • Get 3 Bottles for $129.99 – SAVE $14
  • Get 6 Bottles for $249.99 – SAVE $38

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The Big Question – What is NIAGEN?
Let’s face it, we are all aging.
Whether we are old or young, aging is happening by the minute. This process has always been thought of as unavoidable and inevitable. But what if it wasn’t? True, we cannot stop time; but what if we could ease the effects time has on our bodies, our energy levels, and our minds? Niagen has this ability, and that is why Niagen by HPN is the holy grail of anti-aging and cellular health supplementation. Niagen increases NAD levels by 33% in humans with just one dosage! In a recent study at Harvard University conducted by Dr. David Sinclair, increasing NAD+ levels was shown to be the key to slowing down and reversing markers of aging in our cells and our bodies.
How does this work?
Dr. Sinclair’s work demonstrated increasing NAD+ levels is the key to restoring the communication between our mitochondria and nucleus in every cell. This optimizes energy production and reduced free radical production on a body wide scale. Additionally, earlier research by the anti-aging pioneer Dr Leonard Guarente demonstrated that a special protein group called “sirtuins” are largely responsible for slowing down the aging in our cells. Activating these sirtuins became a huge focus in research. What researchers discovered was a missing link, the fuel for the sirtuins. This fuel is known as NAD+ which is short for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. With the discovery and release of N(r) we can now increase NAD+ Levels to maximize cellular health, optimize mitochondrial function, and fuel sirtuin activity.
What will this do for me?
This results in every cell of our body operating stronger and more efficiently immediately and on an ongoing basis. The effects of this are nothing short of amazing. Imagine feeling more energy, increased alertness, and amplified mental clarity all day, every day! N(r) can deliver all of this and more! Try N(r) today and begin to experience all of the benefits everyone is raving about.

Research pertaining to N(r) and NAD Levels has been done on at the following prestigious universities and institutions:



nr-niagenbottle-glowN(R) Niagen FOR LIFE: It’s a no brainer

N(r) Niagen is the greatest breakthrough in natural supplementation since Creatine. In an industry ripe with BS, N(r) Niagen is an absolute blue chip, a product built on real science and university clinical data. N(r) Niagen only contains one ingredient, Niagen. This ingredient, scientifically known as Nicotinamide Riboside, is structurally a member of the B-Vitamin family. Niagen has a host of benefits including brain health, muscle endurance, metabolism, and anti-aging; but they all come back to one simple fact; Niagen increases the level of NAD+ coenzyme in our cells.

Whats the difference between N(r) Niagen and No Flush Niacin?

Many who are more versed in science will immediate wonder what makes Niagen different from Niacin or plain nicotinamide. The best analogy here is to consider what makes Gold different from your American credit card or a bank check in a third world country with no electricity. Gold will be very easy to use and will give you a lot of bargaining power, while the credit card and check will be next to useless. Our bodies inability to efficiently handle Niacin is well documented and expressed with a sensation many of you have experienced, known as the “Niacin Flush”. Even with No Flush Niacin, the compound is very limited in its ability to increase NAD+ levels and increase mitochondrial function. As far as nicotinamide, we cannot achieve our intended benefits without the Nicotinamide Riboside being absorbed and used in an cohesive manner.  In fact the differences are so unique that Niagen has multiple United States patents granted for its production and different benefits.


N(r) Niagen Increases Mitochondrial Activity

nr-mito-demo-300x272Fat is burned in our bodies by the Mitochondria. Stored bodyfat is released into the blood stream as fatty acid. These fatty acids then enter the Mitochondria to be “burned” aka turned into ATP, our body’s usable energy source. N(r) Niagen by HPN naturally super charges your mitochondria to make your fat burning machine stronger and more powerful than ever before. Combined with diet and exercise you will be on your way to leaner, tighter, and more toned physique.


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  •   Elevate the metabolism to get and stay lean
  •   Increase muscle endurance to supercharge performance
  •   Slow down cellular aging
  •   Sharpen focus and mental acuity

N(r) Niagen Safety


  • N(r)™ Niagen has no known negative side effects. It can only improve your body’s energy levels and overall health.
  • No hype or misleading claims – N(r) Niagen is a High-Quality, Science-Based Ingredient: This is a supplement with REAL university research behind it that actually lives up to its promise.
  • Third-Party Tested: Are of our products are manufactured in a NSF cGMP certified facility, and in addition to our own testing, EVERY production run of N(r) Niagen is independently tested by the NSF and the BSCG. This is how we GUARANTEE you the safest, purest, and highest quality product on the market.
  • American Natural Quality Standard: Our commitment to excellence doesn’t just extend to the active ingredients in our products. We take EVERY step to deliver you the finest natural supplements on the planet. This includes using ONLY Natural Flavors, Natural Colors, and Natural Sweeteners for our powdered products and ONLY Vegetarian capsules for our capsule based products.
  • Exceptional Customer Service and Guaranteed Results: HPN appreciates every customer that places their faith and desire for results in our hands. Our mission is to do everything possible to earn and maintain your trust by producing and selling the best natural supplements on the planet. If you are unsatisfied with our products or service in anyway, we will make it right. Please contact us at Support@HPNSupplements.com or call us at 1-800-971-4318

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