HPN is proud to work with numerous amateur and professional athletes all over the world in supplying their bodies with the perfect supplements to maximize their performance.

Any athlete subject to drug testing under IOC or WADA standards can feel completely at ease knowing that every HPN supplement is tested by the prestigious and world-renowned BSCG (Banned Substance Control Group) This allows us to GUARANTEE that not only do our products contain what is listed on the label; but perhaps more importantly that they DO NOT contain any substance NOT listed on the label.

Ali Kermani - HPN Althete

HPN Athlete – Ali Kermani – Tennis Professional and Nationally Qualified Natural Physique Model
HPN Athlete – Tyler Donald – 100% Natural HPN Freak and Physique Competitor
Skullay HPN
HPN Athlete – Stephen Baker of OUN2Fitness – Nationally Qualified Physique Competitor
Mikey HPN
HPN Athlete – Mikey Beringer – Physique Competitor
imageJeremie De Guzman – Bodybuilding Competitor – 1st place NPC Washington State Championships
photo (1)Joe Manor – ANBF Pro Natural Bodybuilder

HPN Products are available exclusively at these and other carefully selected retailers and training facilities worldwide: